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Puglia has been a secret for too long. Our mission is to help others discover the timeless, unspoilt beauty, fantastic lifestyle and incredible architecture of this region of Italy, and savour all it has to offer.

Our mission is to provide an international showcase for all that Puglia has to offer - its timeless, unspoilt beauty, rich history and fantastic lifestyle. We believe that Puglia’s unique architectural heritage, exemplified by distinctive constructions such as masseria and trulli, make the region ideal for property investors looking for something distinctive and special. 

Secret Puglia is passionate about every aspect of this region. Many members of our team grew up in Puglia and are immensely proud of their roots. 

Our aim is therefore to help you discover the appeal of this relatively unknown region of Italy and savour all it has to offer.

Active in the local real estate market since the 1960’s, we have acquired significant expertise in buying, developing and managing properties and enjoy close ties with all the [key parties involved in the process.

Through these relationships, we have the ability to help our clients acquire and develop exclusive luxury properties in Puglia - even those that have not made it onto the open market.

This puts us in the unique position of being able to offer the discerning international property buyer a selection of handpicked real estate of exceptional beauty and unique heritage which they might not have access to otherwise; as well as provide key support and project management services to help maintain and renovate properties with development potential; and then run them as holiday homes or rental businesses.

In addition, our background and international business experience means that we understand the needs of overseas buyers and are able to fulfil their expectations with a high degree of professionalism.

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