The secret to finding the perfect property in Puglia is access to local knowledge combined with world class service.


As is true of most of Italy, in order to secure an exceptional property in Puglia, you need to have access to local knowledge – people who can speak the language, have a good understanding of local laws, practices and customs, and possess the right connections to help you source, purchase, develop and manage the very best properties available. Secret Puglia offers a comprehensive service designed to do just that.

Many of the Secret Puglia team grew up in the region, but have also had the benefit of living and working abroad. 

As a result, we have a keen understanding of what overseas clients expect in terms of professionalism and aesthetic standards, whilst also possessing intimate knowledge of the Puglian property market. Our long standing relationships with local estate agents, surveyors, lawyers, craftsmen, architects and interior designers also means that you won’t have to go through the laborious task of vetting service providers or tackling any red tape yourself.

As far as we are concerned, peace of mind and exceptional service are priceless commodities, but ones that we always strive to provide in abundance for our clients.

Property Search

Capitalise on long-standing relationships and local expertise to gain access to exclusive properties.

In order to gain access to the finest properties available in Puglia, it is essential to secure the services of someone with local experience and knowledge that can guide you through the entire process and help you avoid the potential pitfalls of working in unfamiliar territory.

Avoid any potential challanges

Sourcing prime properties in Puglia can be challenging, particularly for someone that's not from the region. Language can also serve as a barrier.

The local real estate industry also remains fairly fragmented, with many agents still unfamiliar with the standards expected from international buyers.

In addition, some sellers do not wish to advertise the fact that their property is for sale, or are reluctant to put it on the open market, making it virtually impossible for international buyers to gain access to them.

Gain exclusive access to the pick of Puglian properties, including real estate not on the open market

The team at Secret Puglia offers a professional, knowledgeable and friendly service that will take the stress out of your property search. 

We have been active in the Puglia real estate market for generations and enjoy long-standing relationships with local agents and property owners across the region. This puts us in the fortunate position of being able to source a selection of outstanding luxury properties for the discerning international buyer, and turn the whole search and acquisition process from a headache into a pleasure.

Bespoke Search Service

As well as the properties listed on our website, we also offer a bespoke service for those clients with more specific requirements, and are happy to go the extra mile to find that special property that matches their particular needs.

As a first step, we usually prefer to meet face to face, either in London or in Puglia, so that we can gain a better understanding of your individual requirements, although we realise that this is not always possible. Please get in touch with us to discuss your wishes in more detail.

Why compromise when you don’t have to? 

Property Acquisition

Leave it to the experts to handle the intricacies of what can be a convoluted purchasing process for foreign buyers

Purchasing a property in Italy can be a cumbersome exercise, especially for overseas buyers. In particular, the property market in Puglia is not accustomed to dealing with the specific needs and expectations of international buyers.

In addition to a thorough understanding of the property purchasing and legal conveyancing process, the Secret Puglia team is able to guide you through the whole property acquisition process without experiencing the problems all too-common for international buyers.

As well as being able to facilitate everything from organizing property surveys and negotiating with the seller, to certifying purchase offers and contracts of sale with an approved notary, Secret Puglia can also assist you with securing the necessary planning permissions and licenses that you may need for any renovation work you may want to undertake post-purchase. Please see our section on property development for more information.


Property Development

Modernize your Puglian property or add some luxury touches using our complete turn-key solution.

Procure something really special

Puglia boasts a wealth of properties with distinctive character, many of them with architecturally and historically significant features. Although some may have fallen into a state of neglect and need modernizing, many are brimming with the potential to become exceptionally stylish and luxurious holiday homes.

While this presents buyers with the rare opportunity of acquiring something truly special and then giving it their individual stamp, it does mean having to commission suitable architects and reliable contractors to bring the property up to standard. This is not always that straightforward, especially if owners are not resident all year round to project manage their development, or not able to speak Italian.

Let us do all the legwork for you

Thanks to long established partnerships with a number of highly skilled local architects, landscapers, builders and interior designers, our project management team is able to deliver luxurious and well-executed turn-key solutions, meaning our clients don’t have to compromise on their overall vision or go to the trouble of trying to do it themselves.

We select only the very best local design professionals and craftsmen available

Our interior design and architectural partners will work closely with you to conceive designs and plans for bespoke interiors and exterior alterations that reflect your individual taste, whilst still respecting the property’s heritage, and then execute these to the highest standard – on time, and on budget.

We select only the very best local craftsmen and stone masons to work on our projects. All of them have a deep respect for, and familiarity with, traditional materials and heritage building techniques, including the dry stone walling techniques conventionally used to build trulli, and can sympathetically restore or refurbish your Puglian property to the highest standard.

Whether it is project-managing a complete renovation, obtaining the necessary planning permissions to carry out an alteration or extension,  or overseeing the landscaping of your property grounds, we are happy to tailor our services to suit your requirements.


Property Maintenance

Let us take care of your property while you’re away or make your holiday rental business easier to run.

Maintaining your Puglian property can be difficult, especially if you are not always in residence. You may also wish to maximize your returns by renting your holiday home out during certain months of the year, but do not relish the prospect of trying to do so from a distance.

Secret Puglia is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of property maintenance services, from garden, swimming pool and property upkeep, to building repairs or renovation work, and even a holiday lettings service. The aim is to provide you with complete peace of mind, so that even when you are not there, you’ll know that your Puglian property remains in full working order.

Our property maintenance services cover everything from:

  • Garden, swimming pool and grounds maintenance  – Whether you need your lawn trimmed/the swimming pool cleaned before you arrive for the summer, or you have an olive grove that needs harvesting, we can help. We can also arrange for larger-scale landscaping works to be done, such as the planting of vegetable gardens or flower beds.
  • Damage inspection and building repairs – We can check your holiday home at agreed intervals for structural damage, electrical faults on appliances, fuse boxes, telephone lines or alarms etc., as well as carry out building inspections to flag up any wall cracks, leaks or problems with exterior wells, drains, plumbing and then oversee the necessary repairs. We can also arrange and supervise more extensive building work or renovations in your absence, should you require it.
  • Holiday lettings service – Secret Puglia offers a partial or full lettings service to clients. Depending on your requirements, we can liaise with tenants about key collection and drop-off, oversee their arrival, arrange a cleaning service before and afterwards and even inspect your property for damages upon departure.
  • Admin, postal or secretarial service – Should you need your post collected, repair estimates translated or just want someone to use as a point of contact for key collection, emergencies and contractor estimates while you are away, the Secret Puglia team are happy to help make your life easier. 
  • Exterior renovations/interior decorating project management – If you would like us to arrange for your property to undergo an interior or exterior make-over or alteration, we can have estimates and designs drawn up and oversee any work carried out. We can even organize for your home to be completely furnished in your absence.

Concierge Services

Let our concierge team take care of your family or guests and make your holiday that bit more enjoyable.

In addition to our core property services, Secret Puglia is also pleased to offer a concierge service to those clients who are time-pressed, or who want to make their holiday a bit more relaxed and special.The Secret Puglia concierge team is happy to go the extra mile in providing you or your guests with those little touches that could make your stay more pleasurable.  

From finding a private chef for your guests, or collecting you from the airport to stocking your villa with provisions before you arrive for the summer, our concierge team has got it covered.

Leave it to us to look after the details so that you don’t have to!

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