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Tips for buying a house

1 Contact an agency because:
• Property Evaluation
The first step is the evaluation of the property. For the seller the price of the house is always too low and for the buyer always too high. The real estate agent does not think to his own benefit, but he wants the best solution of the negotiation for the buyer and the seller.
A trained professional estate agent knows that the value of a house is not given only by the square meter, but also by the market.
Positioning itself a house in the market with a price too high means arouse little interest, losing potential customers and  can have a depreciation of the property. At the same time lowering down the price, for example because you need cash, it is a serious mistake to make because it leads to a loss of reinvested capital.
A real estate agent studies the economic trends and find the solution that best suits your needs.

Professional Negotiation       

 Negotiating is never fun, unless you are a professional seller, and often comes into play emotional factors that can have a negative impact during the negotiations; a real estate agent who works for you is very important for two reasons:
- Performs thorough market analysis, to estimate the fair market value and recommends the offer price to be presented to the seller to begin negotiations.
- It 'used to handle the negotiations and managing objections from sellers because it is something that often does.


Provides a useful service to those who sell because invests its resources to advertise the property, giving it visibility and consequently the interest of a large number of potential buyers. For those who buy can recommend the best solutions according to customer needs in order to run a more selective search, saving time and stress.

Bureaucratic management             

The Agency shall verify the validity of the documents of the properties offered for sale and prepares all the necessary documentation to the sale in the observance of the laws governing the real estate market, almost always neglected in negotiations between private parties.

2 Choice of the area: 

Learning more about the neighborhood, visit it at different times, morning, noon, and night. Listening to the noise, services, connections, cleaning, security are all things to consider before buying a property

3 Help in negotiation;             

 ​Choose the ideal house for your needs, it sometimes seems difficult and often you may visit several properties before finding the right one, so a buyer convinces himself that it is a stressful process. In fact, those who think in this way, soon realizes that finding a real estate agency may solve all the problems. The most important step of the purchase of a property is the negotiation. Reaching an agreement between buyer and seller it’s a very important and awkward process and it must be managed strategically with real estate agent so that you could come to a meeting point. The first thing to keep in mind is that, both the seller and the buyer, is that the agreement must be the result of a negotiation, therefore, each party should assume that somehow will find a compromise with each other . The purchase price required is a variable, because the seller is expected to realize the maximum possible from the sale. For this reason he will fight his teeth and nail for the last 1000Euro, looking to exploit as much as possible.The buyer, meanwhile, is preparing to spend a considerable amount, maybe it will take a mortgage of 30 years and, therefore, the recent 1000Euro will be the equivalent of the bathroom cabinet. The important thing is, that both sides, try to get in the place of one another, still doing their own interests, but in any case not be assumed that the other has exaggerated claims.

4 Insurance:

Demanding an insurance policy to guarantee of future probable damage / Fire / Theft.

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